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Parris Chic Boutique offers one of a kind handmade wedding décor and beautiful hand lettered calligraphy. The items found here are meant to help you celebrate your love with all things lovely. Custom orders are our specialty, after all this day is all about you!

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Baking Party + Homemade Buttercream Recipe

There are about a million reasons to host a baking party. Celebrating a favorite friend, getting a promotion, making it through a Monday, cleaning your house, you know. While, I'm pretty sure that baking parties are totally appropriate for any small win, the crew from Parris Chic Boutique had something pretty great to celebrate - a new line of adorable kitchen products. With photos by...


Home Decor-Inspired Wedding Details

The addition of home decor is quickly becoming my favorite new trend in weddings. But don't let the word 'trend' fool you—these lovely details are some of the sweetest personal touches that not only you and your guests can enjoy on your Big Day, but in your home long after as well. And this hospitable backyard inspiration from Parris Chic Boutique couldn't be a better jumping off point. Drenched in colorful...